i write some stuff sometimes


my best friend moved away and she met a whole group of friends and i feel so shitty about it cause i dont leave the house and i cant make friends and i dont even feel like we’re friends anymore and i hate it i’d rather just stay in my bed all day with no one tbh im not happy anyway and stuff like this just makes me feel worse.

going to sleep now and i’ve been in an extremely happy mood for the past hour :-) goodnight everyone

Anonymous wrote: i love you and your words sarah. i'm deciding i'm getting something you've written as a tattoo! i think this blog means more to people than you actually realise.. take care, all love to you xo

oh my goodness. please please really carefully think about that lots. i don’t want you to rush into such a thing, i’d feel terrible. it could be a mistake. could i ask what you would get? thank you ever so much for your support! you guys mean a lot to me

also when people use your name ahh its wonderful i love you!!

Anonymous wrote: No! Your super pretty! Everyone has beauty because this body is only flesh, your soul is beautiful. So don't let people bring you down because they're only human. Don't be afraid of human, we're equal anyways! Stay pure and loving. Because you are very lovely :) :) :)

im in love with your mindset thank you for being such a lovely and genuine person!

the foxes outside are screeching like someones just spat in their mcdonalds burger and pissed on their chips bloody hell

how pretty is that pink though

Anonymous wrote: you're ugly :/

i feel nothing from this???? hope you feel better tmrw

Anonymous wrote: Do you like your nose? I really hate mine :'( I'm so conscious of it all the time I hate feeling this way

i love you!! hey listen in my experience people i’ve met loads of people who dislike their nose but i really liked their nose!!! your nose is fine because you are you and theres nothing with you. my nose is kinda wrong for my face but hey its alright it lets me smell pretty flowers so i’m not complaining :-) i love you lots i hope you learn to like your nose 

Anonymous wrote: You remind me of someone personality-wise and I can't think of who! It's bugging me, haha

*narcissistically wants to know who*